Your brand is your story. A success story. You have done your business in a successful way for years. Maybe you have noticed some changes in customer behavior or maybe you have noticed some new trends on the market. Maybe you want to gain additional revenue from your customers or ease their ways of looking to other brands for specific solutions. 

Whatever it is that makes you think and move in a direction of building a new story or enhancing the current, you are at the right place. 

Several companies have already decided to incorporate our advanced solutions into their current story to make it even stronger and more resilient or to develop a new one.

Nano Coatex advanced solutions will enhance your story in an environmental, material and user friendly way. We will help you ride the trend of environmental awareness and target customers who care about the environment and their own health. The new added value of your story will bring new customers and keep the existing ones.  

The future is not written yet, let’s write it together! Therefore, “Protect the most valuable! Protect your story – your future business!”

The process

More about the steps

Choose the products you want under your brand

Product selection is the first step in developing white brand. You can choose among already developed compounds that we market under Nano Coatex brand or about developing completely new compounds for the specific needs of your customers.

As it is not in our or your interest for brands to compete in the market, we will agree on necessary modifications to the compounds.

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Let’s arrange the packaging

The compounds can be filled in different packages. Distinguish them by volume, material and colors (appearance). Packaging can also have different dispersion systems (spray, lid,..). You can provide every necessary item in the packaging yourself.

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Design your label

We can help you develop any design with our in-house design and printing capabilities. It can be custom-made (we need clear guidelines) or entirely new.

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Filling, packing, warehouse and delivery

Nano Coatex has its own filling, packaging, storage and delivery capacities. Depending on the form of the agreement, we include them in the project or not.

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Preparation of the offer

On the basis of inquiries and agreements, we prepare an offer of our services, determine possible deadlines and commercial conditions.

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Agreement and Order

According to the confirmed offer, a cooperation agreement is signed following by the first order.

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