What you gain

ECO and environmentally friendly are no longer simply buzzwords. Customers’ heightened awareness has sparked a massive trend. It is not an issue of whether such a market exists, but rather how large it is. The ticket to that market is the key benefit of becoming a distributor of Nano Coatex products. Whether you’ve already embraced the ECO movement and want to expand your portfolio, or you’re still unsure how to get started without losing clients, we’re here to help. You will obtain a competitive advantage by working with our own development team, collaborating with partners, and using cutting-edge materials. Not only will your earnings increase, but so will your reputation.

As a distributor of Nano Coatex you gain as well:

We will assign you a specialized Account Manager who will assist you in developing your country’s business tactics and strategy, as well as selecting the best solutions for your market.

Out technical team is at your disposal when it comes to the questions and ideas about the technical features of our solutions. Furthermore, we are building up a collection of tools for you and your resellers to help you and your customers avoid technical issues.

We provide free sales and technical trainings, which are tailor made by our product and sales professionals. Furthermore, you can get an onsite training from our professionals if required (chargeable).

Get free Not for Resale (NFR) samples of our solutions for non-profit purposes including testing, demos, and training.

If you or your partner come across a large project where you are up against a strong bid from a rival, you can request a project pricing from us. These circumstances will always be judged on their own criteria and should be seen as an exception rather than a rule.

Customers feedback is what is driving us and our research. Therefore, we will not only support you in sharing feedback but motivate you to share all the feedback you receive with our team and your customers.

What you provide

Without a foundation of knowledge and experience, no story can grow. Because the Nano Coatex narrative means so much to us, we’re seeking for like-minded partners. This may not be obvious at first, but it becomes clear over time. We think we can be successful if we are motivated by the same goals and see each other as partners.

At the same time, the requirements we are looking for from our distributors are:

  • Trade permits and knowledge of local legislation.
  • Territory coverage (online or offline) with experience and knowledge of local distribution.
  • Plan to cover all target groups in some certain period: wholesale and retail. Also plan to cover at least one retail line of Nano Coatex brand (Automotive, Construction, Cleany).
  • Dedicated person for Nano Coatex program with fluent English language.
  • Cooperation in creating marketing materials, and packaging with knowledge of localization and translation.
  • Experience in distribution of coatings and impregnations.
  • Proven track record for market development.
  • Market analysis and experience in pricing.
  • Knowledge of competition and competitive solutions.


  1. Send us an email on info@nanocoatex.com.
  2. After initial talks we will sign a NDA agreement.
  3. We begin by signing a one-year contract with the distributor, providing all of the support and perks associated with a non-exclusive or exclusive agreement.
  4. If the distributor meets the agreed-upon minimum purchase criteria in the first year, a 3-year exclusive contract with the option to extend is inked.