Nano Coatex Industrial Applications

The global industrial market is facing ever tougher rules and increased expectations as the importance of sustainability and environmentally conscious manufacturing grows. For reliable, long-term product solutions, industrial producers must continually evolve to offer innovative processes and competitive advantages.

With a wide range of advanced ecological cleaners, protective coatings and impregnations, Nano Coatex supports the evolution of industrial processes and services with an emphasis on the health and safety of both employees and materials. Creating a safe and healthy work environment, reducing material wear and tear and the environmental impact of processes and services is in the forefront of our development of industrial applications.

This way you will not find aggressive chemicals, solvents or acids in Nano Coatex cleaners, protective coatings or impregnations. They are water and/or alcoholic based with advanced silicon oxides, graphene and/or additives to remain highly efficient while being 100% biodegradable, safe for users and materials.

Industrial applications for outdoor and indoor use extend cleaning cycles, reduce dirt adhesion, offer complete water repellency and UV protection to the surfaces and materials.


In the production and service business, cleanliness comes first. So important that we are willing to use even the most aggressive chemicals and toxins. While they do completely disinfect and sterilize the work environment and processes, the remnants of them find their way into the bodies of employees, as well as into work surfaces and the environment.

Replacing aggressive chemicals in the business processes is the main drive of Nano Coatex development. Whether you want to tackle your technological challenges in a new, more efficient way or you want to reduce the negative impact of your business on the environment and workers, we are here for you.

Nano Coatex cleaners do not use any aggressive chemicals or toxins. Due to some part of alcohol in the product base, some cleaners have one pictogram (!). Most do not have any. We like to brag about this, as it proofs that our effective cleaners are completely safe to use. No danger of damage to the skin, lungs or eyes. Also, without danger to your materials and the environment.

Our passion is to show you what is possible, even if you don’t believe it yet. Years of experience, new discoveries, scientific breakthroughs … all connected in a formula that will protect what is most valuable to you. Which is also most valuable to us – your people.

Nano Coatex CarClean Active foam


ECO Rust Remover

100% biodegradable cleaner for removal of rust and iron particles


ECO Limescale Remover

Bleach or chlorine free, safe for indoor and outdoor

ECO Degreaser

Nature friendly degreaser, free of phosphates and chlorine

ECO Algae and Mold remover

free from chlorine, safe for indoor use

Nano Coatex Odor Remover

ECO Odor Neutralizer

100% odorless essential oils

Nano Coatex Textile Cleaner

ECO Textile Cleaner

100% biodegradable cleaner for textile surfaces

Leather Clean&Care

ECO Leather Clean&Care

cleaning and caring for natural and artificial leather

Nano Coatex ECO Stone Cleaner

ECO Stone Cleaner

100% biodegradable cleaner for all porous mineral surfaces


Consumer demands and strict laws are continually increasing in the industrial coatings market. Thus, priorities tend to change over time as manufacturers want durable industrial coatings with more and more specific qualities.

Today, material protection is no longer enough. There is an increasing focus on ecology and moving away from hazardous ingredients. Therefore, in addition to their ever-lasting durability, protections must also ensure the least possible impact on the environment or the health of workers.

For years with the help of our partners, we provide a wide range of reliable coatings and impregnations to improve the endurance and performance of industrial processes and services. Not only protecting them from variety of hazardous conditions, but in the same time protecting the environment as well.

We learn from our competitors and upgrade the established solutions into water-based graphene and/or fullerene infused nano hybrids. Next generation of coatings provide best possible surface adhesion, lifespan, water repellency and UV protection while minimizing dirt adhesion. All that without any aggressive solvents or acids that can harm your body or the environment.

Make us think, make us move, make us develop. To enable you to protect the most valuable – to protect your company.


Anti-corrosion coating

100% water based coating for storing and transporting metal products and semi-products

Porous Stone Portection

Porous Stone Protection

100% water based impregnation for all porous mineral surfaces

Nano Coatex wet look

Poros Stone Wet Look

Alcohol based impregnation with shine effect

Nano Coatex Polished Stone Protection

Polished Stone Protection

100% Water based impregnation for all polished mineral surfaces

wood protection

Raw Wood Protection

100% Water based impregnation for all surfaces from raw wood

Nsno Coatex Textile fabric Protection

Textile Fabric Protection

100% water based impregnation for all textile surfaces

Nano Coatex Leather Protection

Smooth Leather Protection

100% water based impregnation for all smooth leather surfaces

PVR Restore&Protect

PVR Restore&Protect

100% water based restorer and protection for all plastics, vinyl and rubber

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