The general terms and conditions of the web portal have been compiled in accordance with the Buyer Protection Act, the Buyer Protection Act against Unfair Commercial Practices, the Electronic Commerce Act and the Out-of-Court Settlement of Buyer Disputes Act.

The web portal is managed by KBX, Matjaž Kovačič s.p. (hereinafter referred to as the store or provider). The General Terms and Conditions determine the operation of the online store, the rights and obligations of the user and the store, and regulate the business relationship between the provider and the customer. By registering or purchasing in the online store, we consider that you agree to the terms of business, so read them carefully. The buyer is bound by the general conditions that are valid at the time of purchase (placing an online order).

1. Company information

Name: KBX, Matjaž Kovačič s.p.

Address: Kramarjeva ulica 13, 2000 Maribor

Registration number: 6077013000

Tax number: 22662626

Id. no. for VAT: SI22662626

the company is liable for VAT

Bank account: SI56 3000 0001 7092 697


Phone: +386 31 377 869

Membership: Styrian Chamber of Commerce

2. Protection of personal data

The provider undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user in accordance with the European regulation on personal data protection (GDPR).

The provider keeps the following data of members and guests of the portal for an indefinite period of time: name and surname, e-mail address, contact telephone number, primary address and delivery addresses or invoice, country of residence, time and date of registration, other data provided voluntarily by the customer. the process of purchase or registration and the archive of communication with the provider for the purpose of concluding the contract.

The provider collects and processes data for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party, or for the implementation of measures at the request of such an individual before the conclusion of the contract. The provider uses the stated personal data exclusively for the purposes of fulfilling the order (sending information material, offers, invoices) and the necessary communication for the execution of the order.

Under no circumstances will the user’s data be passed on to unauthorized persons.

The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his e-mail address, username and password and the appropriate software (anti-virus) protection of his computer.

For the purpose of electronic notification, the provider also collects e-mail addresses and names of visitors to the web portal. The provider obtains and uses such data only by voluntary submission of data by the visitor and clear confirmation of consent to the use of data for this purpose.

The user must be aware that he is obliged to provide the personal trader with his personal data in the correct and true form, and he is also obliged to inform the online trader about the change of his data. By accepting these conditions, the user confirms that the personal data provided by him are correct.

According to the GDPR, anyone whose personal data is processed by the provider also has rights, which you can check here.

In all matters related to the processing of your personal data, the person responsible for the protection of personal data at the provider is available to you. You can contact the responsible person at the e-mail address:

3. Types of users

By entering its data in the purchase process, the user becomes a guest of the online store By choosing a password and confirming registration, the user gets his own user account and becomes a member of the online store In both cases, the user has the right to make a purchase through the web portal

Due to the created account, the member also has the option of viewing and changing personal data, as well as access to the order history, if he was logged in to his account when executing the order. The member’s e-mail address and password are clearly identified and linked to the data entered.

4. Availability of information

(summary of legislation)

The provider undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:

a)     company identity (company name and registered office, register number),

b)     contact details that enable the user to communicate quickly and efficiently (e-mail, telephone),

c)     the essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees),

d)     availability of items (any item or service offered on the website should be available within a reasonable time),

e)     conditions for delivery of items or execution of the service (method, place and time of delivery),

f)       all prices must be clearly and unambiguously set and it must be clearly shown whether they already include taxes and transport costs

g)     method of payment and delivery,

h)     time validity of the offer,

i)       the period within which it is still possible to withdraw from the purchase and the conditions for withdrawal; in addition, if and how much it costs the buyer to return the item,

j)       an explanation of the complaint procedure, including all details of the contact person or customer service.

5. Offer of items

The web portal offers products in the field of cleaning and protective agents. Due to the large quantity and variety of products, as well as constant innovations, the offer of the web portal changes frequently and quickly, but the offer of products still represents products from the mentioned areas.

6. Inventories

Due to the wide range of products on the web portal, we have a limited stock of products in stock, so the delivery time of some products may be extended. Products that are not in stock in the warehouse are marked with the mark IN STOCK AT THE SUPPLIER. In case of extended delivery time, the customer will be duly notified by mail or the telephone number entered in the order.

Items that are marked on the web portal as not in stock cannot be ordered in the online store. You can send an inquiry about them to the provider’s mail, but the provider does not guarantee exactly the same price as indicated on the web portal, as due to changes in the supplier, the price may change when a new order.

As sales and stocks change daily, it can also happen that the desired item is no longer in stock, despite the fact that this is not yet marked on the portal itself. In this case, the customer will be informed after placing the order and we will do our best to deliver the ordered item to the customer as soon as possible, or we will work with the customer to find the best alternative for him.

7. Prices

All prices are in euros (euro, €) and include VAT (22% in Slovenia).

The sales agreement between the store and the customer is concluded in the online store at the moment when sends the customer the first confirmation e-mail about the status of his order (with the title: Order confirmation from the online store). From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both and the buyer. The purchase (ie the first e-mail about the status of the order) is stored electronically on the server and is available to the customer at any time at the collection point or can be sent to him by e-mail upon request.

The products offered on the web portal may have a temporary or permanently reduced price, which represents the price of the product at a given moment, when placing an order through the web portal.

8. Coupon

A coupon is a code that brings various benefits when purchased and is time limited. You will be able to find the code in various websites, advertisements and in e-news.

You can use the coupon by pressing the button view and edit cart, where you enter the code under the section USE DISCOUNT CODE, and press the button use the coupon.

You can also use the coupon by entering the code in the second step of the cash register (review and payment), under the USE DISCOUNT CODE section, and press the button to use the coupon.

The discount code is a one-time code, which means you can only use it once.

When you enter the discount codes, the value of the discount codes is automatically deducted from the price of your order in the last step – Order Summary. The amount that still needs to be settled remains.

9. Grouped products

Grouped products are products on the web portal that contain several other products (gift packages, products for making a specific product). For each of the grouped products, the customer can choose which of the contained products he would like to buy. In the event that not all the products of the grouped product are purchased, the buyer is no longer entitled to a possible discount on the grouped product.

10. Purchase process

10.1. The customer selects the desired products on the web portal.

10.2. After selecting the products, the customer can check the selection by clicking on the CART button, where he will find the complete list of selected products with quantities and will be able to check the correctness of the order, including quantities and price, and if desired change quantities and completion of the contract.

10.3. When the customer selects the products he wants to order, he moves to the final stage of the purchase by clicking on the CHECK OUT button. He then enters personal information on this page, such as email address, first name, last name, address, and phone number. If the customer is already a member of the portal, he can also log in to his user account. In this case, personal data is filled in automatically. After entering the data, the customer decides on the method of payment (step 3) with which he would like to settle the desired products.

10.4. This is the last step in the purchase process. Here, on the right side (step 4), the customer can check the entire contents of the basket or ordered products, prices and quantities before completion and change them if desired by clicking on the image of the bag and the CART button in the header.

10.5. After selecting the payment method, the customer completes the order by pressing the Confirm order button. At this point, the order is transferred to the provider and the buyer is obliged to pay for the products in accordance with the selected method of payment. It is no longer possible to change the order at this time.

10.6. By pressing the Confirm Order button, the customer is agreed to have read and fully agrees to the terms of business.

10.7. The purchase contract between the provider and the buyer is created at the moment when the buyer receives notification of acceptance of the order by e-mail. From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed. The customer is considered to be the person with the data as stated in the order. The purchase (ie a printout of the customer’s order) is stored in electronic form on the provider’s server, and at the same time the customer has all the information about the purchase available under the My Account button. From this point on, the order is being processed and the customer has two hours to cancel their order, via email or phone.

The provider reviews the order, once again checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or, in exceptional cases, rejects it with a reason. The provider may call the buyer on his contact telephone number to verify the data or ensure the accuracy of the delivery. When delivering goods that the provider does not have in stock, the provider is exclusively bound to the delivery by the provider’s supplier and to the time in which the provider’s supplier can deliver the goods to the provider.

The provider informs the customer via e-mail or telephone about up-to-date information regarding the delivery of goods. The provider confirms or rejects the order to the buyer within a maximum of three working days. During this time, the provider shall check that the goods are available within a reasonable time. If the delivery period is very long and the buyer does not want to wait, the buyer can notify the provider, who will remove the item from the order and return to the buyer any funds already paid, and other items from the order at the customer’s choice, or delivered or cancelled the entire order. The provider also does not assume any responsibility for damage that would occur due to longer delivery times or due to non-delivery of goods that the provider does not have in stock in its own warehouse.

10.8. The provider prepares, dispatches the goods within the agreed deadline and notifies the buyer by e-mail.

In the event that the customer decides to cancel the order, he must immediately notify us on the general helpline number +386 31 377 869 or via e-mail:

11. Costs associated with the use of the means of communication

In case of contact of the provider by the customer for the implementation or assistance in the implementation of the purchase, the customer can make it to the telephone number +386 31 377 869 or e-mail In both cases, these are contacts that do not create additional costs for the customer except the basic tariffs of their communication operators.

12. Issue of invoice

Upon delivery of the ordered products, the provider also sends an invoice to the customer, namely attached to the products in the package.

The invoice includes a breakdown of the price, all costs related to the purchase and other legally required information for the issuance of the invoice.

The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the data before placing the order. Subsequent objections regarding the correctness of the invoices issued do not need to be taken into account by the provider.

13. Shipping of goods and costs of order processing in Slovenia

The provider enables the customer a delivery of the ordered goods to the address in Slovenia via the cheapest courier service selected on the spot.

The cost of processing and sending the order depends on the weight of the package and is:

  • €3.50 for packages up to 5.000 kg (without any additional costs),
  • €9.00 for packages from 5.001 kg to 15.000 kg (without any additional costs),
  • €15.00 for packages from 15.001 kg to 30.000 kg (without any additional costs).

14. Methods of payment and costs of payment in Slovenia

The provider allows customers the following methods of payment:

  • via proforma invoice (bank transfer)
  • via PAYPAL web portal

The customer receives the invoice on paper or by e-mail with visible costs. The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the information on the invoice and notify the provider of any errors within eight days of receipt. Subsequent complaints do not need to be considered by the provider.

15. Shipment of goods and costs of order processing in selected EU countries

Refers to order processing and delivery to: Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland

The provider enables the customer a delivery of ordered products to the address in the specified countries. The cost of processing and shipping depends on the weight of the package and is:

  • €20.00 for packages up to 5.000 kg (without any additional costs),
  • €30.00 for packages from 5.001 kg to 15.000 kg,
  • €50.00 for packages from 15.001 kg to 30.000 kg.

16. Methods of payment and costs of payment in selected EU countries

Refers to orders from Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland

The provider allows customers the following methods of payment:

  • via proforma invoice (bank transfer)
  • via the PAYPAL web portal

The customer receives the invoice on paper or by e-mail with visible costs. The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the information on the invoice and notify the provider of any errors within eight days of receipt. Subsequent complaints do not need to be considered by the provider.

17. Purchase notification procedure

– Order no. X

After placing the order, the buyer receives a notification by e-mail that the provider has received the order and with information about the ordered products. This information is always available to a member of the portal on the website. In the event of incompletly submitted data or identified defects in the product (product damage, incorrect descriptions, incorrect stock), the customer’s provider also contacts this information by phone number or e-mail address.

– Receipt of payment: X

Upon receipt of the payment, the provider confirms the receipt to the buyer and prepares and sends the order within the agreed deadline.

In the event that the buyer decides to cancel the order in time, the provider must immediately notify the provider’s phone number +386 31 377 869 or by e-mail to If it happens that the order has already been shipped, the buyer rejects the shipment to the delivery service.

18. Purchase for corporations

The purchase process for corporations is exactly the same as for natural persons, except that in this case the customer enters corporation data instead of his own data during the purchase process.

If the corporation is a public institution, it must state this in the comment when ordering and the provider will contact the customer via the specified telephone number or e-mail address and agree on the appropriate method of payment (e-invoice).

19. Returning of shipment

If the shipment is not picked up by the buyer and is returned to the address of the provider, the provider will contact the buyer on the specified telephone number or e-mail address and agree on the method of collection. In the case of re-shipment, the buyer must pay all newly incurred costs before shipment. For these, the provider will send an invoice to the buyer.

20. Returns of goods – the right of withdrawal of the buyer from the purchase

The buyer has the right to inform the company within 3 days of receiving the goods that he is withdrawing from the purchase, without having to state the reason for his decision.

The return period starts one day after the date of receipt of the products.

The form for withdrawing from the purchase of items is available to users here. Print, complete, photograph and attach the resignation email to the form.

In case of withdrawal from the purchase, the buyer returns the received products by mail to the company’s address: Nano Coatex d.o.o., Slomškova ulica 31, 1290 Grosuplje, Slovenia, Europe.

The buyer must return the item to the provider undamaged and in the same quantity, unless the item is destroyed, damaged, lost or its quantity has decreased without the buyer’s fault. The manufacturer of the article also prescribes its original packaging (in accordance with the Buyer Protection Act). The buyer must not use the items without difficulties until the withdrawal from the purchase.

The buyer may inspect and test the articles only to the extent strictly necessary to establish the actual operation of the product. The buyer is liable for a reduction in the value of the goods if the reduction is the result of conduct not necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

The only cost for the buyer in connection with the withdrawal is the cost of returning the goods (which in the case of shipment is charged according to the price list of the delivery service and depends on whether it is a shipment / package / cargo). The goods must be sent to the provider no later than 3 days after the notification of withdrawal from the purchase. The customer must also enclose a copy of the invoice with the return. In agreement with the provider, the buyer can also return each product to the provider’s company headquarters or other agreed location, covering all possible transport costs of transferring the package from home to the agreed location.

When returning items where the coupon has been taken into account, these funds are taken into account as a discount and are not refunded upon return (the amount paid is refunded).

The buyer does not have the right to withdraw from the purchase of a product that was made according to the exact instructions of the buyer, adapted to his personal needs, which by its nature is not suitable for a return that is perishable or has already expired.

There is no possibility of withdrawal from the contract when purchasing products that have a security seal, if the buyer has opened the security seal. The return option does not apply to devices that have been physically tampered with.

Refunds will be made as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal. The company returns the received payments to the buyer with the same means of payment as used by the buyer (usually by payment to a bank account), unless the buyer has explicitly requested the use of a different means of payment and the buyer does not incur any costs.

In exceptional cases, when the items are not returned in accordance with the above articles, provider can offer the buyer a purchase of the item with a partial refund, which is determined by the statement upon return. Purchase with a partial refund has to be confirmed by the buyer by e-mail. The buyer receives the said refund to the specified bank account.

If the buyer chooses to withdraw from the purchase for the items that make up the grouped product, he may request a replacement for the same set or a refund for the whole set. The buyer can also replace a part of the grouped product in the event of a material defect or damage to the item, and cannot request a refund for it. In the case of claiming the warranty of the item from the set, the manufacturer’s warranty period applies.

The right to a refund of the purchase price in the event of a warranty claim and material defects is regulated in more detail by the provisions of the Buyer Protection Act.

21. Damaged or lost shipment

If the buyer notices when receiving the shipment that the item or shipment is physically damaged, missing content or shows signs of opening, he can file a claim for damages with the delivery service. To do so, fill in the Report of the injured or lost package on the delivery service website. After receiving all the necessary documentation, a claim for compensation is submitted to the delivery service. The request is processed by a commission at the delivery service and, based on the answer or approval, the purchase price is returned or a new item is ordered. In case of a lost package, the procedure is the same.

In the event of a damaged or lost shipment, the buyer is obliged to inform the provider.

22. Warranty

Items have a warranty if stated on the warranty card or invoice. The warranty is valid subject to the instructions on the warranty card and upon submission of the invoice. The warranty periods are stated on the warranty cards or on the invoice.

Warranty information is also provided on the product presentation page. If there is no warranty information, the item does not have a warranty or the information is not known at this time. In the latter case, the buyer can contact the provider, who will provide up-to-date information.

23. Actual error

A product has a material defect when:

  • the article does not have the characteristics necessary for its normal use or resell
  • the item does not have the properties necessary for the specific use for which the buyer is buying it and was known to the provider or should have been known to him
  • the item does not have the characteristics and features that were explicitly or tacitly agreed or prescribed
  • the provider has handed over an item which does not match the pattern or model, unless the pattern or model was shown only for the purpose of notification.

How is the suitability of an item checked?

It is checked with another, faultless item of the same type, as well as with the manufacturer’s statements or statements on the item itself.

How does a real mistake materialize?

The buyer may exercise his rights arising from a material defect if he notifies the provider of the defect within three days of the day on which the defect was discovered. The buyer must describe the defect in more detail in the error notice and allow the provider to inspect the item. The buyer may notify the provider of the defect in person, for which the provider must issue a certificate.

The provider is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after one year of the delivery. If the reason for the material defect is improper storage of the product, the provider is not responsible for them after one month of receiving the product.

A defect in things shall be deemed to have already existed at the time of delivery if it occurs within two months of delivery, and the reason shall not be improper storage.

The right to claim a material defect in an article is regulated in more detail by the provisions of the Buyer Protection Act.

The provider is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after one year has elapsed since the item was received. A defect in things shall be deemed to have already existed at the time of delivery if it occurs within six months of delivery. Both apply only if it has been stored in accordance with the instructions.

A buyer who has duly notified the provider of a defect has the right to require the provider to:

  • rectify the defect in the goods, or
  • return the part of the amount paid in proportion to the error, or
  • replace defective goods with new faultless goods, or
  • return the amount paid.

In any case, the buyer has the right to demand compensation from the provider, and in particular reimbursement of costs of materials, spare parts, labor, transfer and transport of products incurred in fulfilling the obligations referred to in the previous paragraph of this article.

The buyer’s rights referred to in the first paragraph shall expire two years from the day on which he informed the provider of the material defect.

24. Acceptance of items returned from the warranty or material defect

The buyer is obliged to take over the item delivered to the provider for warranty or other handling after the end of the handling. The buyer picks up the item at the pick-up point, where he personally handed it over to the provider, and in case he sent it by post, it will be returned to the delivery address.

The provider sends the buyer a notice for the return of the item from handling and invites him to take over the item. The buyer is obliged to accept the item within 14 days from the date of notification.

25. Website Security uses appropriate technical and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments.

26. Communication – contact with customers

The provider will contact the user via specified phone or email only if the user does not explicitly object to this, and in accordance with the Electronic Communications Laws.

The provider’s advertising emails will contain the following components:

  • will be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages,
  • the sender will be clearly visible,
  • various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such. The conditions for participation in them will also be clearly defined,
  • the method of unsubscribing from receiving advertising messages will be clearly presented,
  • The user’s wish not to receive advertising messages will be explicitly respected by the provider.

The provider’s advertising messages will be clearly visible and clearly separated from contests and competitions.

Online prize contests rules

27. Definitions

The organizer of the prize contest is KBX, Matjaž Kovačič s.p.

The participant in the prize contest is a natural person who participates in the announced prize campaigns. The winners of the prizes are determined by the computer selection function at random or determined by the commission of the organizer.

28. Right to participate in the prize contest (and other give aways or vouchers)

Participants in the prize contest can be natural persons who are citizens of the country in which the prize contest takes place. For each prize contest, it will be specified exactly for which countries it takes place. Persons employed by the organizer of the prize contest and their immediate family members, as well as persons employed by other legal entities related to the organisation of this prize contest, may not participate in the prize contest. Legal entities cannot participate in the prize contest. Persons who do not accept the rules of the prize contest cannot participate in the prize contest. It is considered that the participant has accepted the rules of the prize contest by participating in the announced prize contest.

29. Rules of participation in the prize contest

You do not need to purchase the services or products to participate in the prize contest.

One participant can participate in the prize contest only once. The result of the contest is final. No appeal is possible. The winner will be notified of the receipt and method of receiving the prize by e-mail or telephone number.

30. Obligations of the winner

It is not possible to pay the prize in cash, nor can it be exchanged for another item. The winner is obliged to provide in writing (e-mail) his personal data: name, surname, address, e-mail address and telephone and tax number, to organizer no later than two days after receiving notification that he is the winner. Payment of all taxes on prizes (including VAT) is the responsibility of the organizer. The organizer will send a statement to the winners in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act and the rules on the delivery of personal income tax assessment data. The winner is obliged to declare the value of the prize in the personal income tax return. Upon receiving the prize, the winner is obliged to fill in a statement on accepting the prize. The organizer is not responsible for taxes that may occur in connection with any other prizes. If the winner does not fulfil all the obligations, it is considered that the winner does not want to accept the prize and thus the organizer is free of all obligations in relation to the winner after this prize contest and acquires the right to dispose of the prize for any other purpose. Prizes are not transferable.

If the organizer of the prize draw within three (3) working days from the moment of sending the winner a notification that he has been drawn, for any reason (eg: the winner declares that he does not want to accept the prize, the address or e-mail address is incomplete or incorrect, etc.) does not receive all the necessary information and a statement that he wants to receive the prize, it is considered that the winner does not want to accept the prize and thus the organizer is free from all obligations under this prize game and acquires the right to dispose of the prize in any any other purpose.

31. Protection of personal data

The organizer of the prize contest protects all personal data obtained from the participants during the prize contest in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data. The organizer may use the personal data obtained from the participants exclusively for the purposes for which they were obtained.

The participant of the prize contest agrees that the organizer may send him notifications regarding the offer of the organizer. The participant or his guardian or legal representative may at any time revoke his consent to the use of personal data obtained in the prize contest for the purposes of direct marketing.

The organizer of the prize contest reserves the right to organize the award ceremony as a public event. By participating in the prize contest, the participant allows his / her name and address to be used in the audio, photo and video material of the prize contest organizer. The winner allows the organizer of the prize contest to publish his / her personal data in the media and on the World Wide Web for the purpose of informing about the results of the contest or receiving the prize.

32. Publication of the rules of the prize contest

By submitting their data via e-mail, the participants of the prize contest agree that they are familiar with the rules and undertake to act in accordance with the rules of the prize contest. In the event of any dispute or ambiguity, these rules shall be deemed to be primary in relation to any other publications, whether in printed, electronic or any other form.

Limitation of liability

The provider makes every effort to ensure that the information published on its websites is up-to-date and correct. Delivery times, prices and other information sometimes change so quickly that the provider fails to update all the information. In such cases, the provider will notify the buyer of any changes later and allow the buyer to cancel or replace the order if possible.

The bidder has the option of withdrawing from the purchase only if an obvious error is established. An obvious defect is considered to be a defect in the essential characteristics of the item and all errors that are considered decisive according to the customs of the store or the intention of the customers and for which if the provider would have know that, he would not confirm or conclude the purchase. This also includes obvious price errors.

The provider reserves the right to change the terms of business at any time and in any way, for any reason and without prior notice.

Complaints and disputes

The provider respects the applicable consumer protection legislation and makes every effort to fulfil its duty to ensure an effective complaint handling system.

In case of problems, the customer can contact the provider of the web portal by phone at +386 31 377 869 or by e-mail at The complaint is submitted via email to The appeal procedure is confidential.

The provider is aware that the essential feature of consumer disputes is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the time and costs incurred in resolving the dispute, which is also the main obstacle to the consumer not initiating a dispute in court. It is therefore in the provider’s interest to make every effort to resolve any disputes consensually.

33. Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal norms, the company KBX, Matjaž Kovačič s.p. does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that could be initiated by the consumer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act.

Nano Coatex d.o.o., which as a provider of goods and services enables online trade in various countries, publishes on its website an electronic link to the platform for online resolution of consumer disputes. The platform is available to consumers here.

That regulation derives from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

The conditions are valid from 1.10.2021.

We wish you pleasant and affordable shopping!