Walking in the rain, skiing in a snowstorm or cleaning a bike after riding in mud; all these and similar inconveniences happen regularly to people who are on the move. People whose lifestyle is “outdoor”. None of these inconveniences stop them, they are willing to spend their time and money on them. And solutions to help them are available. Also, very affordable.

But as you may have read many times, at Nano Coatex we are focused on protecting nature and the health of users. This means that we do not care what preparations you use to protect your clothing and equipment. Many of them can have very dangerous consequences for your health (carcinogenicity), nature (destruction of biotics) and materials (corrosivity).

That is why we have developed a product line for you that not only provides water repellency, easy cleaning effect and better visibility, but we have made all these water-based products completely harmless to humans, nature or materials. and we can prove it to you!

Welcome to a new reality, a reality where with the help of natural materials we help you protect the most valuable – your style!


Have you ever stepped in a muddy puddle after just getting a brand new pair of shoes? We know the feeling! Your next thought must have been: Ugh, i wish, I’ve had protected them with something… I only have a few pairs.” — Our thoughts exactly! 

After Investing In a good pair of suede, leather or even textile shoes, we have got you covered! Your clothing and footwear will last so much longer after getting a treatment from SHOE GUARD Clean&Protect.  


Nano Coatex has developed a water based, ecological set of cleaners and protections which create an incredible water repellent effect on your suede, textile or smooth leather materials.   

The application of Nano Coatex SHOE GUARD Clean&Protect products is safe, fast and easy — even in closed spaces! 

What’s more, our products are people, environment and pet friendly, so don’t worry about using them in closed spaces. The solutions are odorless, transparent and will seamlessly blend with your material, keeping it’s soul, but giving it an elevated look and feel. 

Clothing & Footwear

Shoe Guard – Textile & Suede

Clothing & Footwear

Shoe Guard – Smooth Leather

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